We are winning! Lots of Progress in Last Two Weeks. - Seth Grossman 1776

We are winning! Lots of Progress in Last Two Weeks.

On April 6, I and Brian Goldberg, one of two Republican candidates for U.S. Senate,  teamed up to get good ballot positions.   It worked!   We are both in Column #1 in Atlantic, Ocean, and Cape May counties.   We are listed as “Atlantic County MAGA (Make America Great Again) Republicans”, “Cape May  County MAGA Republicans”, and “Ocean County MAGA Republicans”.   There, our ticket also includes great candidates for Mayor and Council in Stafford Township.   We also have great ballot position in Cumberland and the other counties as “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) Republicans. 


Mark McGovern is an Ocean County investment banker and “Bikers for Trump” organizer who was also a MAGA candidate for Congress.  For more than a month, we spoke at the same events and came to know, like, and respect each other.  When Mark decided not to run, he gave his support to me.   I look forward to working with him in the weeks ahead.

The nominating petitions of candidate Brian Fitzherbert were disqualified.  Both the NJ Division of Elections and Secretary of State ruled that Fitzherbert did not have the required 200 signatures of Republican or unaffiliated voters in the District.   Fitzherbert is still campaigning and says he is appealing that decision.  However, he is still not on the ballot.   I am one of the four Republican candidates who remain.

I spoke at both Second Amendment rallies in Trenton during the past four weeks.  Mark Cheeseman and many speakers explained in great detail how the proposed new gun laws will not make anybody safer.  Those new laws would do nothing but punish law abiding gun owners with even more expensive and time-consuming costs, paperwork, and delays.  Even worse, they create even more traps that turn innocent mistakes into serious criminal charges.  I pointed out how Obama/Clinton Democrats were demonizing and persecuting law abiding gun owners today the way Jew-haters in the days of the Czar once demonized and persecuted my grandparents in Russia.  Like those Jew-haters,  today’s Obama/Clinton Democrats relentlessly and falsely blame law-abiding gun owners for every murder in America.  Then they provoke conflicts with gun owners and the NRA so they can denounce us as dangerous enemies when we speak up to defend ourselves.   Obama/Clinton Democrats do not want to fix problems or make us safer.   They benefit when problems get worse.   They gain political power by dividing Americans into groups who are angry at and afraid of each other.    To stop them, we must do much more than oppose bad gun laws.  We must recognize and stop the hateful propaganda campaign against us that takes place every day in our schools, colleges, media, and Hollywood/TV entertainment culture.  

We are now in the “wholesale” part of the campaign for the June 5 Primary Election.  During the “retail” part, I and 7 other candidates tried to win the support of roughly 400 county and local Republican leaders at dozens of local club meetings, and five county conventions.  In that “retail” campaign, Hirsh Singh won the endorsements of the Atlantic and Ocean County Republican organizations.  Sam Fiocchi won the Cape May organization.   Although Robert Turkavage won the Cumberland County endorsement, his name will NOT appear in the “Regular Republican” column.  Because of events during the past few days, Turkavage no longer has the support of the Republican organization in Cumberland.   It appears that the June 5 Republican Primary is wide open in Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties.

I received roughly $13,000 to fund my “retail” campaign, mostly small donations from roughly 150 local “deplorables”.  Hirsh Singh raised $101,000, mostly from his family.   During the past two months, I spent roughly $3,000 of that money.   Singh spent more than $26,000.

 I now have roughly $10,000 to begin my “wholesale” campaign.   Hirsh Singh has roughly $82,000 to begin his.  So far, neither Sam Fiocchi nor Robert Turkavage have filed FEC reports showing they F raised or spent more than $5,000.  (Campaign Finance Reports are posted online at:  https://www.fec.gov/data/#compare-candidates-in-an-election.

In the “wholesale” campaign,  I and the other three candidates must spend money and build organizations to reach and persuade a majority of some 22,000 Republicans and Independents in eight counties who will vote on June 5. 

I need your help to reach them in the next six weeks.    I need roughly 200 volunteers to address envelopes, make calls, introduce me to people at their church, synagogue, and social groups.   I need them to put signs in front of their homes and elsewhere in their neighborhoods.   So far, I have about 50.

I also need another $25,000 for signs, literature, postage, and radio ads.  

If you can help me in any way, please contact me at (609) 927-7333 or my personal email of sethgrossman49@gmail.com.   

 If you have not yet contributed, please donate now.    I will have a $40 per person buffet/cash bar fundraiser at Cousin Mario’s at 4pm on Saturday, May 12 from 5pm to 8pm.   Any donation of $40 made after today automatically qualifies you for that event.  Please pay online through this http://sethgrossman1776.com website.  Or pay by check to 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ  08244.  Federal Election Law requires all contributions of more than $200 to be publicly reported.    It also requires you to tell me you name, address, occupation, and the name and address of your employer.   However, that information remains confidential unless you give more than $200.

Don’t be discouraged!   Although I was outspent more than 8 to 1, an online “snap” poll at the end of the “retail” campaign put me even with Singh, and way ahead of the two others.   Click here for https://poll.pollcode.com/92963229_result?v.  That poll was not a scientific sample.   However, it did show that I have an many active supporters who money can’t buy.   They are no substitute for campaign funds, but they greatly increase the power of the modest funds we get.  


I am already working with the Freedom Caucus!    When I had trouble with the complicated computer software to report my finances, I called the office of Congressman David Brat, one of the leaders of the Freedom Caucus.  His staff immediately gave me all the help I needed.    With your help, I can join the Freedom Caucus in November.

With your help, we can upset the money and the Establishment on June 5.   If we do that, we will have the momentum and media attention needed to upset better funded Democrats in November.  We can Make America Great Again.

Thank you for your support.

Seth Grossman

453 Shore Road

Somers Point, NJ  08244

(609) 927-7333




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