Washington Post Follows Grossman for Congress Campaign - Seth Grossman 1776

Washington Post Follows Grossman for Congress Campaign

Seth Grossman on the 2018 campaign trail. Representatives from the Washington Post spent the day shadowing the ‘Grossman for Congress’ campaign. WAPO obviously knows the importance of this D2 race, filling the seat of retiring Frank Lobiondo who has occupied it since 1995.

Washington Post ‘shadowed’ Grossman on August 2. A ‘day in the life’.

After his swim in the back-bay waters of Somers Point, Grossman encountered a young black woman. She approached Grossman and confided in him. She supports his view on some controversial topics. Listen to audio below.

Democrats only want to talk about the so-called haters. How offended they constantly are.

Mainstream Media. Unbiased reporter of news?

Too many journalists now playing role of political activist and Social Justice Warrior (SJW). Politics and social justice baked into news coverage. This could be another reason why most newspapers have seen a precipitous decline in both readership and advertising.

NJ Senator Chris Brown Endorses Seth Grossman

Kudos to NJ Senator Chris Brown, who stepped up and endorsed Seth Grossman for Congress. Brown joins a growing list of political figures pushing back against irrational, sometimes dangerous attacks on conservative Republicans. To be sure, this faux outrage is also targeting Democrats who aren’t liberal (socialist) enough.

Grossman: To master any skill, you need practice. When you practice, you make mistakes til you get it right. Democrats are afraid of me because I am a proven fighter with good political skills. Democrats are attacking me for a handful of mistakes I made years ago learning those skills. Democrats are rarely held accountable for past mistakes. For example:

We find yet another example of how the left lives by different rules….

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