Washington Is Broken. I Can Help President Trump Fix It. - Seth Grossman 1776

Washington Is Broken. I Can Help President Trump Fix It.

I am the Republican running for NJ’s 2nd Congressional District. My opponent is Democrat state Sen. Jeff Van Drew. We are nothing alike politically.

Like President Trump, I’m a political outsider who will put America first.

I speak the truth, not what is politically correct, and will tell you what I believe and what I will do.

As an Atlantic City councilman and Atlantic County Freeholder, I saved money, avoided tax hikes and served my constituents well. During that time, I also infuriated political leaders and big donors by telling the truth about bad and expensive projects by “cash cows” such as the CRDA and ACUA.

For the past 16 years, Van Drew made a career in NJ politics serving Democrat bosses and special interests.

Van Drew was part of the Democratic majority led by Senate President Steve Sweeney dominating state government even under Republican Governor Chris Christie. These years were a disaster.

Sweeney-Van Drew Democrats and Christie Republicans made the problems created by previous governors Democrat Jim Florio and Republican Christie Whitman far worse.

They imposed a double sales tax on hotels. They hiked highway tolls and state business, sales, estate, gas, electricity and income taxes and “fees” to unsustainable levels. They cut state aid and rebates and mandated spending hikes that also raised property taxes. They created a dangerous, high tax, low-wage “sanctuary state” by not enforcing federal immigration laws. They created NJ’s own swamp in Trenton.

They also ignored NJ’s Constitution to put taxpayers and state pension funds $221 billion in debt, or $61,400 per taxpayer. That debt can only be paid by massive tax hikes or by paying bondholders and retirees pennies on the dollar.

During the past 16 years I warned voters of these problems and offered specific solutions. In 2003, I formed LibertyAndProsperity.com, a non-political education organization, and utilized radio, newspapers, Facebook and taxpayer lawsuits to deliver its message.

If elected to Congress, I promise to continue on this path.

I will support President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda.

  • I will back making President Trump’s tax cuts permanent.  The Democrats will repeal them.
  • I will support his initiatives cutting red tape and providing incentives for good jobs and full employment.  The Democrats want burdensome bureaucracy.
  • I will work to enforce legal immigration laws and end “sanctuaries.
  • I will support what works to keep Americans safe, including securing the borders. The Democrats want open borders.
  • I will protect the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment and will support CCW reciprocity. The Democrats will restrict gun ownership.
  • As a former National Guardsman, I support our military and believe in peace through strength.
  • I will work to repeal expensive Obamacare mandates and provide access to affordable healthcare through open markets. The Democrats want Obamacare’s Trillion Dollar cost.
  • I believe in rewarding character, talent, work and achievement in hiring or promoting someone. I do not look at race, gender, ethnicity or culture, but the individual.  The Democrats will reject true qualifications to meet “diversity” quotas.
A vote for me is a vote for our President. A vote for my opponent is a vote for the “Swamp.”

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