#WalkAway From The Democratic Party. - Seth Grossman 1776

#WalkAway From The Democratic Party.

Jeff Van Drew #WalkAway Democratic Party Grossman for Congress

At 11 years old, back in 1960, I handed out literature for John F. Kennedy outside food markets in Atlantic City.

My parents and grandparents were lifelong Democrats. At 16, in 1965, Democrat Lyndon Johnson was President.

I quit my summer job making change in an arcade to make more money doing absolutely nothing in an “anti-poverty program”. I wasn’t qualified, but I was hired anyway. The government had to spend all its money that summer, to get more next next summer.

Support Grossman for Congress. #WalkAway From The Democratic Party.

In 1968, at age 19, the federal government paid Atlantic City to seize and bulldoze 80 acres of homes and businesses between Virginia and Connecticut Aves for “urban renewal”. Most of that land is still empty 50 years later.

That was when I did my #WalkAway from Democratic Party.


Seth Grossman 


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