Let's Compare. Seth Grossman vs 'New' Van Drew - Seth Grossman 1776

Let’s Compare. Seth Grossman vs ‘New’ Van Drew

What are the differences between Seth Grossman and the ‘new’ Van Drew?

Democrat Jeff Van Drew will go along with Democratic leadership to “resist”, obstruct, and impeach President Trump. How do we know? Just look at how much money Actblue and Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) are spending on Van Drew! Republican Seth Grossman will support and protect President Trump in Congress.

seth grossman
Seth Grossman

Van Drew voted to count illegal foreigners in next year’s census so that Democrat “sanctuary” states and cities get extra votes in Congress, the Electoral College, and in the State Legislature. Republican Congressman Seth Grossman has consistently promised to enforce immigration laws and crack down on “confederate” states and cities that defy the Constitution and the law and call themselves “sanctuaries”.

Van Drew even voted to give driver’s licenses to illegal foreigners–and then use those licenses as automatic voter registrations!

Democrat Jeff Van Drew now supports $15/hr minimum wage. Republican Seth Grossman wants to protect small family owned businesses and entry-level summer job opportunities for young people.

Democrat Jeff Van Drew switched sides on Second Amendment. Republican Seth Grossman will continue push for Right to Carry Reciprocity and eliminate the countless traps in NJ laws that put threaten law abiding gun owners with serious penalties for accidental, technical violations.

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