Last Week Democrats Thought They Knocked Me Out Of The Race! - Seth Grossman 1776

Last Week Democrats Thought They Knocked Me Out Of The Race!

Last April, a  Democratic Super-PAC from Washington, DC secretly videotaped a lightly attended debate of me with three other Republican Primary candidates sponsored by the NJ Constitutional Republicans in Salem County.    One week after my upset win in the June 5 Primary, Democrats sent a two minute segment from that 90 minute video to the Philadelphia Inquirer.  They thought it was a “kill shot” that would make me un-electable, and knock me out of the race.

At the end of the debate, I was asked what the Republican Party could do to promote “diversity”.    This was an issue because one of the three other candidates in the Primary Election campaign claimed that his being of a different ethnic group from me and the other two candidates was a qualification, and that he would bring “diversity” to the Republican Party.   I admit that I was tired, cranky, and hungry when I gave this response captured in the video:

“The whole idea of diversity is a bunch of crap and un-American.   Our nation was created in 1776 with these words in our Declaration of Independence:  ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident.   We are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.   That among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’. . . In America, each individual should be judged on nothing but his or her talent, character, and hard work.  I reject the whole premise of diversity as a virtue”.

The video and my statement was front page news on the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News the next day.  Click here for the link to that original story.

The story instantly went viral and was posted on CNN, Salon, Huffington Post, Press of Atlantic City, Fox TV29, the Daily Beast, WHYY NPR Public Radio,, Newsweek, The Forward, Washington Times, and dozens of other news sites around the country.    CNN invited me to be a “guest” on Chris Cuomo’s “PrimeTime” program.  (The invitation was later withdrawn when I insisted on doing the program live, and not taping it.)

I was depicted as a caveman on the front page of Tuesday’s Philadelphia Daily News.   The media and Democrats, together with some Republican leaders in North Jersey expected me to apologize and distance myself from those statements.   I did not.   In every interview and Facebook post, I delivered this simple and consistent message:

Republicans need to push back and point out the obvious. “Diversity” is not a virtue!  America did not become great because of “diversity”. America became great because our Constitution, our culture of liberty, and our Judeo-Christian heritage of “Love thy neighbor as thyself” created “boundless” opportunities that let Americans of every race, ethnic group, and gender succeed. When America was great, we understood and agreed with the slogan written on every American coin: “E pluribus unum” — out of many comes one– one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Photo of NJ Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal and his “Diversity Council” of the NJ Department of Law and Public Safety by

One week later,  Gurbir S. Grewal, New Jersey’s Attorney General appointed by Democratic Governor Phil Murphy,  announced a new “Department Wife Diversity Initiative”.  It will required all future all  hires, promotions, assignments, and contracts for the NJ State Police and all other divisions of the Department of Law and Public Safety to consider “diversity goals” based on “demographic data” rather than talent, performance, achievement, and character.   Click here for the link to that announcement:

I immediately responded with this statement, which received wide coverage throughout New Jersey:

“These initiatives made in the name of Law and Public Safety make a mockery of the law and will put the public in great danger” Grossman said.

“Our nation was founded in 1776 with the idea that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with equal and unalienable rights”.

“If you want to know where this evil and un-American perversion of ‘diversity’ will take us, go to Afghanistan, Lebanon, or Syria!” Grossman said.

“Those countries are divided into dozens of diverse groups with different languages, different religions, and different ethnic groups who hate each other, are afraid of each other, and who kill each other”, Grossman said.

For 15 years, we tried and failed to overcome diversity in Afghanistan to build a peaceful and prosperous nation.    Americans succeeded in this after the Civil War and made America GrAmerica succeeded in this since the Civil War, and made America great when I grew up in Atlantic City.  Now Governor Murphy wants to turn New Jersey into Afghanistan”, Grossman said.

The greatness of America is not “diversity” as virtue or end result.   The greatness of America is  overcoming diversity to create one united nation with single language, Constitution, and culture of liberty.  That culture is based on the idea of “Love thy neighbor as thyself” which is deeply rooted in the Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist religions.   America’s motto is “E pluribus unum”, out of many come one, not diversity.

In our American culture of liberty and equal opportunity, we must judge, hire, promote, and reward everyone by his or her own talent, character, work, and achievement– not by checking off diversity boxes.

New Jersey’s motto “Liberty and Prosperity” recognizes that this culture and system of liberty brought more wealth to more people for a longer period of time than any other nation in history.  That is because it rewarded and encouraged achievement, while motivating Americans to learn from their failures.

Before Governor Murphy completely screws up the State Police with his diversity quotas, why not try it on the Rutgers basketball team, and see if it helps them win more games”. Grossman said.

The release of this “ambush” or “gotcha” video clip was clearly designed to make me un-electable and force me out of the race.   It appears to have had an opposite effect.   I now have more support and name recognition than ever before.   However, it did distract me from the important job of fundraising for the November election.   If you support my efforts to keep Frank LoBiondo’s seat Republican and support President Trump, please push the “Donate” button on this website and give whatever you can.  Please support my first fundraiser since the Primary from 7pm to 9pm on Wednesday, June 27 at the Villa Fazzolari Patio in Buena, NJ.   The minimum donation to attend is only $40!   Thanks.

Seth Grossman

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  1. I wush you were running for my district in Florida. The whole country needs more common sense leaders and less virtue signalers.

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