Diversity of Broadcasting, Opinion and Thought - Seth Grossman 1776

4 thoughts on “Diversity of Broadcasting, Opinion and Thought”

  1. Where Do I get Yard Signs No one even knows who you are. I see Van Drew Signs all over not sure who he is running against. please Respond.

    1. Yard signs for general election will come out in September, when more voters are paying attention. Right now, focus is on raising money and putting organization together. Thanks. Seth

  2. Dear Mr. Grossman: You were outstanding in your interview with Michael Aron. YOU ARE SPOT ON THAT DIVERSITY IS CRAP. Would you choose a basketball team that way and lower the baskets so more Filipinos or Vietnamese or shorter people could play the game? Also, you are right again about immigration; Ted Kennedy’s 1965 bill changed America forever. Michael Aron missed the mark by not making a distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. And you are right a third time when you said we do not know who is seeking asylum and anyway not everyone can appear at the border and be granted asylum. WE WOULD BE OVERRUN.

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